Our teachers

"Dərs Evi" attaches great importance to the selection of teachers, as they know everything about the exam program and are leaders and guides in the classroom at the same time.

In addition to the knowledge and skills required for the exam, a "Ders Evi" student receives the necessary support and attention from teachers.

Consistent with student success, a council of tutors develops an individual strategy for student to get the desired score at the exam.

Sizin üçün maraqlı ola bilər

  • IELTS trial

    IELTS trial üçün Dərs Evinə gəl!

  • SAT

    General SAT courses are based on Kaplan International's methodology. The strength of Kaplan International's methodology is the effective result in a short time.

  • Courses for 10th graders

    Classes are held in groups, and the personal strategy is prepared for each students


    IELTS courses are based on the Kaplan International's English language learning system, which provides effective results in the shortest possible time. Our IELTS tutors passed the certification exams in London, and each course program was developed by Kaplan.

  • Psychological training

    Within the training, applicants create an individual stress management strategy through various activities.

  • Courses for 9th graders

    9th grade students for the final exam preparation is carried out as a group